An endless history : Acceleration




Art Statement

If the relation of time and space is an endless running belt, we live on this planet simply because of gravity. Time is the force of flow, and it seems to be a misunderstanding that we strive hard to run into our future, nothing cannot stop the flow of time. On a macro scale, it seems we are like to lead our lives in the future as we had lived in the past, every minute and second would be.

This is a work about time and space, a way of how we lived in this world. An implementing mode that the world and a person’s life runs by. The delivering belt is the comparison of an endless history, contracting feelings and life’s eternity into an invariable law.


蔡宜婷,生於台南,生活台北,臺北藝術大學新媒體藝術碩士班。⼀路追尋著藝術的發展從繪畫、雕塑讀到新媒體藝術,嘗試以新舊媒材結合應用創作。創作表現多元,但始終關心人與社會關係,認為藝術創作就像是在追尋那時代空虛的解藥。近期作品以雕塑物件與機械動力裝置提煉一種生命運動中的恆定狀態,曾獲2015國立臺北藝術大學新媒體藝術創作卓越獎、2016桃源創作獎首獎,赴荷蘭阿姆斯特丹NEU NOW 2016國際藝術節參展等。


Tsai Yi-Ting. Born in Tainan, living Taipei, studying New Media Department in National Taipei University of Arts. Along the path, she has developed her art career from painting, sculpture, to new media art, trying to apply the combination of new and old media in the creation of art. She demonstrates her art creation in multiple dimensions, and always holds in mind to care about the relationship between humans and the society, believing that the creation of art is to pursue the antidote for the void of time and space.her works have been presented in the form of mechanic motion, and extracted a static status of life’s motion. Awarded nationally and also internationally, Yi-Ting’s artwork series “An endless history ” has been invited for exhibition in Netherlands for 2016 NEU NOW International Contemporary Art Festival; she has also won the first place of the 14th Taoyuan Contemporary Art Award, and Achievement Award of the TNUA.

Work Created 2016

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