仿生衍藝 Parametric Vine


本作品以“參數式設計”(Parametric Design)與“客製化製作” (Customized Manufacturing)兩大主旨進行課程的規劃與實作產出。在電腦輔助設計(Computer Aided Design)的部分,讓參與學員能夠藉由參數式設計進行自己的創作。

學員親身操作與體驗CAD / CAM技術後,對於如何完成最後預訂的創作目標已有基本的概念,在為期一週內收集與製作26位學員各自設計的單元共一千多件,在課程最後由講師帶領學員將這些設計獨特且不重複的單元組裝串聯成一件巨型裝置,是一件完整度相當高的集體創作。


Art Statement

Parametric Vine is a 3D printing work which is constituted of over 1000 different shapes of units. This work was created within two weeks and it is one of the largest 3D printing-designed installation worldwide.

Fabraft Design Lab was invited by Digiark to host a work camp in National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMFA), and the objective is to teach designers, students, and the public of “parametric design” and “customized manufacturing”. Participating members learned how to design their own works through CAD (Computer Aided Design) program, and the lecturers created the front-end framework for the students to modify the appearance of the drawing model without doing it in a manual way; therefore, this would establish a logistic system varying from the traditional handmade model.


藝術家闞凱宇 Kamm,自出生以來以為自己會成為工匠,現被歸類為Maker。於交通大學建築研究所數位組畢業後持續探討當代數位工藝與創作者之間的關係,曾任北科大工業設計系講師於2012年共同創立Fabraft Design Lab。Fabraft 衍象設計,是由建築,室內,工設等專業背景,並長期致力於電腦輔助設計/電腦輔助製成 [CAD/CAM]的四位夥伴共同創辦,擅長將 CNC,LASER CUT,3D Print等技術整合運用於建築,室內,工業,互動等跨領域設計上近年也積極投入各項開源軟硬體研發與工作營教學等.


Fabraft Design Lab is a design team with architecture design, interior design, industrial design background. We are focus on evolution of design with programming and CAD/CAM to achieve crossover design field. To improve the new design movement we also launch opensource software/hardware project and workshop.

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