〈公民擠壓〉系列 Squeezing Citizenship


「黯黑中的發光/聲體」Luminiferous sound objects in the darkness


Art Statement

Luminiferous sound objects in the darkness

Squeezing Citizenship serves as a vehicle that retrospectively carries the citizens who had ever been part of social movements to the body memory (postures) at the very moment of demonstration. Digital technology is adopted to record and represent such body memory. Treating the body memory as the entry point, this work not only interprets the role that citizens’ bodies play in social movements, but also explicates the way they become luminiferous sound objects in the darkness of oppression. The artist expects this work to be a reminder, prompting more people to review the disputes and conflicts occurred on this land and pay attention to the rights and obligations of civil disobedience, thereby awakening them to the fact that their articulation through social movements will become the rays of light that illuminate this land. People realize that they must fight for their own rights, and therefore left common memories and historical trajectory for future generations to follow.

Squeezing Citizenship is produced with the participation of the citizens who had been involved in social movements through 3D body scanning, 3D printing, and sound recording. With the assistance of audio mixer and pressure-sensing device, this work allows the viewers to feel the vivid oppressive atmosphere by their tactile sense.


藝術家詹嘉華 Jia-Hua,Zhan,獨立創作者,臺灣藝術大學多媒體藝術研究所畢業,作品多以「數位」與「身體」呼應為主軸,曾獲「第七屆法國安亙湖國際數位藝術節」視覺藝術類首獎、「德國奧登堡艾蒂羅絲媒體藝術中心」與、美國克里夫蘭藝術基金會」駐村、首爾表演藝術節參展、「PQ布拉格劇場設計四年展」參展、上海藝術節電子音樂週演出。擅長跨域整合視覺藝術與表演藝術,探討人與人、人與科技、人與媒體等得關係,並以此建立一個獨特的世界身體影像資料庫。


Jia-Hua Zhan was born in Hsinchu in 1987. She graduated from the Department of Multimedia and Animation, National Taiwan University of Arts. Her work includes new media projects, videos, interactive installations, and interactive performances. She has won numerous international awards, and specializes in combining visual art and performance art to explore the relationships between human beings, technology, and media a unique visual database of body imagery.

Work Created 2014 – 2017

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