白傘計畫 White Umbrella



關於白傘計畫, 我們的動機很簡單,為這個世界的人權發聲;民眾們在街上手持著白傘,傘面上投射出的畫面來自於任何人權曾經受到迫害的影像。為能讓更多人可以使用白傘計畫的工具,計畫以DIY自製類比小型投影幻燈機,符合開放設計的精神,提供大家自由下載與改變設計,每個人都可以自製完成,然後再分享給更多需要伸張公義的人們。

Art Statement

White Umbrella Project is driven by a simple motive of advocating universal human rights. People walk in the streets holding white umbrellas with images of human rights violation projected onto the canopies. In keeping with the concept of creative commons, the White Project makes use of mini Do-It-Yourself analogue projectors, in order to get as many people involved as possible. The projector design is available for download and modifications. Anyone can have their own DIY projector and share it with more people who like to see justice upheld.


藝術家超維度互動,新媒體藝術創作團隊,由蔡宏賢(台灣)和 林欣傑(香港) 於2009年創立,專注藝術創作與科技媒體,擅長應用新媒體結合空間與跨領域的互動創作,融合新媒體藝術創作於業界作品中,利用實體的互動接觸將觀眾與展覽空間及作品的經驗提昇。 融合數位與實體(Digital-Physical),在這個數位年代,我們仍然信仰實體世界的存在感,將數位資料轉化為可觸摸的質感,連結數位與實體的兩個異質世界,創造數位和類比複合的作品。


Dimension Plus, a New Media Arts Creative Team, founded by Escher Tsai (Taiwan) and Keith Lam (Hong Kong) at 2009, focuses on art and technology. Their projects focus on New Media-embedded space and cross-discipline interactive design, embedding New Media Arts into industry, enhancing audience experience by interacting and touching with the media. In the digital era, they still believe the sense of existence while living in the real world. By mixing-and-matching of Digital-Physical, they transfer the invisible and digital into a tangible and visible texture, creating works with combination of digital and analog, linking the digital and physical from two heterogeneous dimensions.

Work Created 2016

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